2120’s Classic Collection is a throwback to generations past. It reflects the age-old American value of quality construction that was demanded by a post-Industrial Revolution east coast culture, and persists today among a growing number of niche makers and consumers. Our handcrafted, unisex designs offer a contemporary interpretation of classic silhouettes for stylistic versatility and simplicity. Each hide is handpicked, cut, stretched, and stitched by master craftsmen and women in our boutique factories in León, Mexico. The traditional manufacturing techniques employed by our producers results in a refined shoe that is built to last a lifetime.

- Aram V. 
Founder, Creative Director

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Each part of the shoemaking process is done by hand, from conception to the finishing touches by master craftsmen and women. Honoring the historical techniques of shoemaking preserves a dying art while also ensuring that the production quality of each pair of shoes is second-to-none. We use the best materials and production methods on the market resulting in a product that is built to last. Slight variations in leather and color are natural and reflect the handmade process that we work so hard to uphold.

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Our handpicked suppliers and manufacturing partners in León are recognized as industry leaders in sustainability and ethics both locally and abroad. We provide oversight to ensure the safety and fair wages of all employees, as the integrity of the workplace is the most important component of our production process. We honor the planet, people, and best practices across all facets of our business, and only support partnerships with companies who share those values and standards.

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The core ideology behind slow fashion is to buy fewer, higher quality products that are made more sustainably, less often. We source 90% of our materials from within a 3-mile radius in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint even minimally in an industry notorious for waste and emissions. We produce small runs of product in our boutique production house, only when we need it. Our shoes are built to endure trends and time, fighting the culture of fast fashion and overproduction.