Do you make half sizes? - We only offer whole sizes at the moment, however we can provide you with a hand cut leather insert that will reduce the shoe by roughly the same amount as a half size.

Do you take custom orders? - Absolutely! Email aram@2120.us to get started on making your dream shoe. We can even develop a custom last for you if you want to create a bespoke pair.

When do you release special runs? - We are always on the lookout for collaborative opportunities or that perfect hide to make a limited edition run from. Generally speaking, we release a small one-off collection yearly.

I pre-ordered a shoe that you didn’t have in my size, when can I expect it? - We produce small batches of inventory to reduce the chance of wasted material and labor, therefore we run out of sizes rather quickly. If you pre-order a pair, we will file it into the next production run. Turnaround time is anywhere between 3-6 weeks, depending on the time you place your order. Please shoot us a message if you want a rush job.

Can I resole my shoes? - Yes! These shoes are hand built to last a lifetime, and can be resoled time and time again with the proper care.