Our Process

From concept to finishing touches, each shoe is designed and produced in-house, between our Los Angeles design studio and our boutique production house in León, Mexico. For an inside look at the hands and processes that make our shoes, look no further than the step-by-step layout below.


Drawing inspiration from early to mid-century American designs, we’ve created timeless shoes for the modern man and woman that are as versatile as they are durable. Comfort and quality of construction at the forefront of our design process of every style.

Pattern Cutting.jpg


Our development process involves a small team of specialists who have spent years in the shoe industry in Leon, MX honing their craft. Under their guidance, we design, develop, source materials, cut patterns, and assemble every shoe within just a few square miles. 



Each piece of leather is hand-cut based on our custom patterns, and stitched together using vintage Singer sewing machines. The upper is the first part of the shoe completed, as it will need to be stretched over shoe forms called lasts to give them their shape.



Each pair of our shoes is lasted by hand by a single expert shoemaker. He carefully inspects each hand-stitched pattern and attaches the leather with hammer and nail. The shoe then sits on the last for 3 days to ensure that the pattern has developed perfectly into its intended shape.



The welt–a strip of leather that runs along the perimeter of the shoe’s outsole–is attached by a century-old industrial stitch machine. A steel shank is added for stability and arch support, and we fill the footbed with cork for comfort and a custom fit over time. These processes allow for the shoes to break in quickly while enduring years of wear and tear.

Sole Hammering.jpg


Once the leather upper is made and the midsoles are ready, it’s time to bring the pieces together. The outsole is hammered down, stitched in place, and the edges are sanded and waxed for a refined finish.

Sole Cutting.jpg


Once the shoe is completely assembled, it goes through a cleaning process to remove any excess material and give each pair a thorough inspection. Laces are strung through the eyelets, and your new shoes are stowed into their boxes to be sent up to our studio in Los Angeles.